Short Game Issues When Playing Downhill Lies

In this article on playing from downhill lies, we are going talk about the short game. As you know, downhill lies are not only possible on full shots, but you can find yourself in this situation on short game shots, as well. In fact, it might even be more common to deal with this scenario around the greens than back in the fairway.

Right away, we find some good news with regard to short game shots from downhill lies – these are much easier to practice. Many golf facilities have chipping areas with varied terrain for golfers to use. You shouldn’t have to look long to find a place to practice chipping in this very scenario. The ability to practice will go a long way toward helping you learn how to play these tough shots.

As far as the actual technique you will need to use in this situation, you can follow along with the same concepts as back in the fairway. First, you will want to set your shoulders down the slope, just as you did on the full swing. Also, it will be a good idea for most people to choke down on the club, as doing so can help you avoid the dreaded fat shot. Since you are only making a small swing, it should be easy enough to stay down and make clean contact, even while using a club that has effectively been shortened. With just a little bit of practice, you should be able to get comfortable with the task of striking a clean chip shot from a downslope.

Once you’ve managed to get comfortable with the necessary technique, the other adjustment you’ll need to make has to do with planning your chip shots. The ball is going to come out lower than normal when chipping from a downhill lie, and it won’t stop as quickly in most cases. So, you’ll want to chart a path up to the hole that lets you use plenty of bounce and roll to stop the ball. If at all possible, hit a few chip shots from downhill lies before you start any round, just to get an idea for how the ball will behave on that day. Then, when on the course, you should have an easier time predicting the bounce, spin, and roll that will come together to determine the final destination of the ball.

Golf would be quite boring, and much easier, if every shot were played from a flat lie. It doesn’t even take a severe slope to bring some variety to the game, as just a gentle incline will go a long way toward making the game harder. We hope the tips offered in this article will help you perform at a higher level when you need to play from an uneven lie. While these shots are always going to be tough, learning how to deal with them even a little more successfully will help you save strokes. Good luck!