Feet Alignment In Golf Set Up to a Full Finish

Footwork and balance are key fundamentals that play a pivotal role in how you hit the golf ball. The idea is to get the body, arms and club working together in the same direction to maximize distance and accuracy. However, incorrect feet alignment in golf often create poor weight shifts and allow the weight to shift back while the club is swinging forward. Obviously it becomes much harder to make consistent contact while placing a tremendous strain on the body, resulting in potential injury. The following tips will cover the golf swing with the feet from set up to full finish.

Set Up

The beginning of the swing places an equal 50%-50% distribution of weight across the inside of both feet at address. If you position your weight on the outside of either foot you are preparing for a lateral movement and loss of balance through the swing sequence. The set up position creates a stable base intended to support the rotational movement of the golf swing. The weight should be centered on the balls of your feet. Avoid getting your weight stuck on your toes or back on your heels.

There is a subtle shift of weight to the inside of the back foot, specifically the arch area. Approximately 65% of your weight loads on the right leg and foot at the top of the backswing.

The first move of the downswing is a slight left hip bump so the weight shifts from the inside of the back foot to the inside of the front foot, specifically the base of the big toe. The weight shift sets the club on the correct inside path and prevents an over the top downswing. During the weight shift allow approximately 65% of your weight to shift to the front foot and leg. .

The average PGA Tour player shifts 75% – 90% of his weight on the front leg and foot at impact. Amateur players should strive to achieve a similar position. Try to keep the weight on the inside of the front foot to guard against a lateral slide through the ball.

Swing to a full finish. The correct finish of the golf swing keeps the front flat on the ground with approximately 90% of your weight on the font leg and foot. The back heel begins to lift up during impact. The back toe stays down on the ground as you complete the swing.

Finish the Swing
The feet alignment in golf tips in this article covered the ideal movements of the golf swing with the feet from set up to full finish. The correct sequence of the golf swing transitions weight from your right side to your left side through impact and the completion of the swing. Therefore, it is a similar movement to other sports, such as tennis or baseball. If you finish the golf swing with both feet on the ground there is a significant weight shift problem in your swing. Compare the golf swing to a baseball player throwing a ball. After the ball is released, momentum pulls the chest toward the target while the weight transfers to the front leg and foot. The front foot is flat on the ground. Throwing a ball and the golf swing contain similar movements. Complete the correct movements of the golf swing when your chest faces your target, weight on your front leg and foot while the back heel is off the ground.