Feet Together DrillThe Feet Together golf drill is a simple yet effective exercise that golfers of all skill levels can use to improve their balance, stability, and ball-striking consistency. The drill involves hitting golf shots with the feet positioned close together, challenging the golfer to maintain control of their body and club throughout the swing.

  • This seemingly straightforward practice can yield significant benefits when done correctly and consistently.Why Use the Feet Together Golf Drill?The Feet Together golf drill has several advantages that make it a valuable addition to a golfer's practice routine:
    1. Enhancing Balance: Placing the feet together forces the golfer to rely on their core strength and balance to maintain a stable foundation during the swing. This helps develop a solid base and prevents excessive lateral movement that can lead to inconsistent ball striking.
    2. Improving Weight Transfer: Proper weight transfer is crucial for generating power and control in the golf swing. The Feet Together drill encourages a more controlled weight shift and helps golfers feel the proper sequence of weight transfer from backswing to downswing and impact.
    3. Promoting Proper Rotation: During the golf swing, the body must rotate efficiently to generate clubhead speed and maintain a square clubface at impact. With the Feet Together drill, golfers are compelled to rotate their upper body and hips correctly, promoting a more efficient and coordinated swing motion.
    4. Strengthening the Core: By challenging the body to maintain balance and stability, the Feet Together drill engages the core muscles, leading to increased core strength and improved overall golf performance.
    5. Developing Precision: Hitting shots with the feet together demands a higher level of precision and control. Golfers must focus on making clean ball contact and squaring the clubface, leading to improved shot-making ability.

    How to Perform the Feet Together Golf Drill:

    Performing the Feet Together drill requires a few simple steps:

    1. Set Up: Begin by addressing the ball in your normal golf stance. Take a slightly wider than shoulder-width stance, and then bring your feet together so that they are touching or almost touching. The toes should be pointing straight ahead.
    2. Grip: Hold the club with your usual grip, ensuring your hands are placed in a comfortable and natural position.
    3. Swing Motion: Execute a controlled and smooth swing with the feet together. Focus on maintaining your balance throughout the swing and making solid ball contact.
    4. Start with Short Shots: When first trying the drill, begin with shorter swings and shots, such as chip shots or pitch shots. As you become more comfortable and confident, gradually progress to longer shots.
    5. Monitor Ball Flight: Pay attention to the ball flight and ball contact. If the shots are consistently off target or the ball flight is inconsistent, it may indicate areas that need improvement in your swing mechanics.
    6. Repeat and Practice: Repetition is essential for building muscle memory and making improvements. Incorporate the Feet Together drill into your practice routine regularly to see noticeable results.

    Tips for Success:

    To get the most out of the Feet Together golf drill, consider the following tips:

    • Slow Down: Focus on making smooth, controlled swings rather than trying to generate maximum power. This will help you maintain balance and coordination during the drill.
    • Maintain Posture: Keep your posture steady throughout the swing. Avoid excessive swaying or moving off the ball.
    • Use a Mirror: Practicing in front of a mirror can provide valuable feedback on your swing mechanics and body alignment.
    • Film Your Swing: Recording your swings on video allows you to analyze your technique and identify areas for improvement.
    • Stay Patient: It may take time to see significant improvements in your swing. Be patient and consistent in your practice to build muscle memory and make lasting changes.
    • Work with a Golf Professional: Seeking guidance from a golf instructor can provide personalized feedback and help you refine your technique for better results.
    • How The Feet Together Drills Can Help Your Golf Swing
    • The Feet Together drill can be a powerful tool to improve various aspects of your golf swing and overall performance on the golf course. By practicing with your feet close together, you can gain valuable insights into your swing mechanics, enhance your balance, and develop a more efficient and controlled swing motion. Here's how the Feet Together drill can help your golf swing:
      1. Balance and Stability: The primary benefit of the Feet Together drill is its ability to improve your balance and stability during the golf swing. When your feet are close together, you are forced to engage your core muscles and rely on proper weight distribution to maintain equilibrium. This focus on balance helps prevent swaying or excessive lateral movement during the swing, leading to more consistent ball striking.
      2. Eliminating Swing Flaws: The Feet Together drill can reveal swing flaws that may not be apparent in your regular stance. Any excessive sway, lateral movement, or loss of balance will become more evident when your feet are together. By identifying and correcting these issues, you can improve the efficiency and consistency of your swing.
      3. Core Strength: Engaging the core muscles during the Feet Together drill not only improves balance but also helps develop core strength. A strong core is essential for generating power and stability in your golf swing, leading to increased clubhead speed and better control over the ball.
      4. Weight Transfer: The Feet Together drill encourages a more controlled weight transfer during the swing. Since you cannot rely on a wide stance to initiate the weight shift, you must focus on the proper sequence of weight transfer from backswing to downswing and impact. This improved weight transfer helps generate more power and distance in your shots.
      5. Swing Plane Awareness: With your feet together, you can better sense the correct swing plane and prevent any over-the-top or out-to-in swing paths. This heightened awareness of the swing plane promotes a more on-plane, efficient, and consistent swing.
      6. Tempo and Rhythm: Practicing the Feet Together drill helps you develop a smoother and more rhythmic swing. By requiring a slower, controlled tempo, the drill discourages rushing or jerky movements and encourages a more flowing, effortless swing motion.
      7. Ball Contact: When your feet are together, you must make precise ball contact to maintain control over the shot. This drill emphasizes the importance of centered contact, which leads to more solid strikes and better ball flight.
      8. Transferable Skills: The skills developed through the Feet Together drill are transferable to your regular golf swing. As you gain better balance, stability, and core strength, you'll notice improvements in your overall swing mechanics, leading to better performance on the golf course.
      9. Mental Focus: The Feet Together drill requires concentration and focus to maintain balance and execute proper mechanics. This enhanced mental focus can carry over to your regular swing, helping you stay in the moment and execute shots with greater clarity and confidence.
      10. Reinforcing Fundamentals: The Feet Together drill reinforces fundamental aspects of the golf swing, such as a proper grip, posture, and alignment. These fundamental elements are the building blocks of a sound golf swing, and the drill serves as a reminder to execute them correctly.

      Incorporating the Feet Together drill into your practice routine, even for a few minutes each session, can yield significant benefits for your golf swing. As with any golf drill, consistency and patience are key to seeing improvements. Over time, you'll develop better balance, stability, and swing mechanics, leading to more consistent and enjoyable rounds on the golf course.


      The Feet Together golf drill is a valuable exercise that can significantly improve a golfer's balance, stability, and overall swing mechanics. By challenging the body to maintain a controlled stance and swing with the feet together, golfers develop a more solid foundation and better coordination throughout the swing. Incorporating this drill into your practice routine and focusing on proper mechanics will lead to more consistent ball striking and improved performance on the golf course.

      Remember to be patient, stay committed to the drill, and seek guidance from a golf professional if needed to maximize the benefits of the Feet Together golf drill.

      The use of science and technology accelerates the method of learning and improving the golf swing. On the other hand, there are several timeless simple drills that have been utilized for years. Many of these drills will be used for years to come.


If you play golf someone has probably recommended you try the “Feet Together Drill” at some point during a practice session.


The feet together drill is one of the most beneficial drills used to improve your golf swing. It is performed by setting up to the golf ball with both feet together. Position the ball in the middle of your stance. Any club can be used, however, the drill works best with a short or mid iron such as a 7 iron. Begin by making practice swings where you become familiar with the sequence of your arms and body working together.

Keep your head still so your arms swing the club around your body without lateral movements. Initially place the ball on a tee and make three quarter swings. Move the ball on the turf once you are comfortable hitting shots on the tee. Avoid making full swings and attempting to maximize distance with the drill. Rather, focus on smooth three quarter swings that improve contact, tempo and balance.

If your tempo is too quick you will lose your balance. Rather, you should hit straight shots while maintaining your balance with a relaxed feeling through impact. Keep your arms and grip pressure relaxed in the set up and throughout the swing. Once you have captured the feeling of making smooth swings go back to making full swings with a normal set up and swing.

The feet together drill is great for a number of reasons. The results are beneficial for players that over swing. The drill helps maintain balance and tempo. Many amateurs swing violently at the golf ball which creates various swing faults. Observe any professional and notice how their swing creates effortless power. The feet together drill will help ingrain the idea of effortless power. In addition, it will help you avoid making lateral movements with your body.

Right Foot Back Drill

When players still create lateral movements with their feet together try a variation of the drill by creating a wider stance and placing the right foot back so the toe points down on the ground. Continue with a few practice swings and then hit balls. This variation enhances your balance as you swing. Any lateral movement will cause a complete loss of balance and cause you to fall over. In addition, it creates an ideal impact position where your head remains still and the majority of weight is on the left leg and foot at impact. The inside of the left leg maintains your weight and balance as the club swings through the ball.