Work On Your Putting Fundamentals With The Tee Drill For Square Impact, Senior Golf Tip
Working on the fundamentals of putting is important to build a consistent and controlled putting stroke that can hole putts in any situation. Here is a simple, yet effective drill to master some of the basics and groove a solid stroke.

Firstly, what does 'square' mean? Quite simply 'square' is a reference to the putter face pointing directly at the target at the moment of impact with the golf ball. If the club face is 'square' at impact the ball has the greatest chance of going where you want it to. One of the major keys to controlling the club face is to swing the putter in a straight line backwards and forwards through the ball. This allows the golfer to control the club face more easily and therefore hit more accurate putts.

The fundamentals to achieve a 'square' club face and swing the putter in a straight line through the ball are revealed in this simple drill.

1. Put either two golf clubs, two alignment sticks, two rows of balls or two rows of tees on the ground aiming at your target. These rows should be placed apart at just over the width of a putter head and should be exactly parallel with each other.

2. Get a golf ball and position it directly in the middle of the two clubs ready to putt.

3. Set yourself up correctly – make sure that: the putter face is square to the target; the feet are parallel to the alignment sticks and the target; the grip is nice and light; you are standing close to the golf ball allowing the eyes to be positioned directly over the ball and; the position of the ball is in front of centre, slightly closer to the front foot than the back foot.

4. Concentrate on keeping the head and legs as still as possible and make a putting stroke from the shoulders. The arms and wrists should stay absolutely still and tucked into the body. This creates the rocking motion from the shoulders with the aim being to swing the putter straight back and through the golf ball not letting the putter head touch the barriers that are set up (alignment sticks, golf balls, tees etc.)

Use this simple drill to practice effectively and groove your putting stroke. This will improve the consistency of your putts and lower your scores.