Why You Should Widen Your Stance And Shorten Your Stroke When Putting In The Wind, Senior Golfer Tip
One of the main challenges for a golfer when out on the golf course is to adapt to the environment.

In the outdoors, conditions change throughout a round of golf and the ability of a golfer to adapt is sometimes more important in being successful than having perfect technique. The main external condition that causes golfers a problem is the wind. The wind can even affect putting, a fact to which many golfers do not take into consideration and suffer because of it.

Adapt your putting on the golf course and change your putting style to deal with windy conditions with these thoughts.

Keeping stable and still is the key to quality, consistent putting. When the wind is blowing hard this is very difficult to achieve but changing the set up slightly can help to maintain stability through the putting stroke. To do this widen the feet at set up. Position the feet so that they are well outside of shoulder width apart, this should be a good six to eight inches wider than normal. Having a wider stance gives you a more stable base and will stop your body moving around as the wind gusts buffet you.

Swing Length
As the body and putter swing to hit the golf ball, you will find that they move slightly in the wind which can cause the ball to be hit away from the centre of the putter face meaning inaccurate putts and inconsistent distance control. To lessen the wind's effect, keep the swing length of the putter short and sharp, whether you have a long putt or a short one. Aim to swing the putter head only as far back as the back foot and as far forward as the outside of the front foot.

When you are faced with different lengths of putt, do not to swing the putter longer or shorter as normal, but instead increase or decrease the tempo of the putter swing. For a longer putt swing faster, for a shorter putt swing slower. This makes it harder to achieve correct distance control, however the payoff is that you will strike the ball truer as you will have control of the putter head in the wind.

Adapt to the wind on the putting green by changing the length of your stance and putting stroke to achieve more control of your putts and rise to the challenge of tough conditions leaving your competitors behind.