What Is The Correct Way To Create The Best Three-Quarter Wedge Shot For A Senior Golfer

    A three quarter wedge shot is something that all golfers should learn and be able to play successfully as it gives you increased distance control and therefore accuracy on your shots into the green, which ultimately will help to lower your golf scores.

    To play a three quarter wedge shot well, initially take your wedge and aim the face at the target. The most accurate way to do this would be to stand directly behind the ball looking at the target and then to pick a mark about one foot in front of the ball that is on the line to the target. Now aim your club face at this mark and you are aiming at the target.

    Take your stance up so that it is just under shoulder width apart. You are not going to swing with a particularly high swing speed for this shot so you do not need a wide stance to play from, so keep your feet less than the width of your shoulders apart. Now draw your left foot back about four inches. You need to do this for two reasons. Firstly, drawing your foot back in this way will restrict your backswing and help you to achieve the three quarter position that your require for the short shot. But drawing your foot back also opens your stance, without affecting your accuracy, so that you are able to rotate through the shot and at the target with your follow through, allowing you to hit a great three quarter wedge.

    Play the ball from the middle of your stance, with your hands ahead of the club head and place slightly more weight on your left side than usual. To get your hands ahead of the club head, or more to the left of the club head as you look down at the golf ball, work on creating a straight line from your left shoulder down your left arm to your hands and then down the shaft of the golf club to the club head.

    Playing the ball from the middle of your stance, with your hands and weight forward, will encourage you to make a slightly upright golf swing and this steep action will allow you to attack downwards towards the golf ball and strike into the back of it with a downwards action. This will then force the golf ball up the club face and generate a high trajectory shot into the green, that will stop very quickly on landing.

    Once set up correctly, simply work on swinging your hands back to shoulder height to give you a three quarter backswing position and you will hit a well struck, high, but slightly shorter golf shot than if you were playing a full swing and with this additional option on yardage you will become a more accurate wedge player, which will reflect in a lower golf score.