senior straight spine and posture 1

    A perfect posture position – flat back, sufficient bend at the hips, and so forth — is simply unattainable for the majority of older golfers. The spine and joints aren’t strong or flexible enough to withstand the strain.

    That’s especially true for those who have spent years hunched over a computer screen, sitting in a slumped position or walking with arched shoulders. While achieving ideal golf posture may be impossible, you can still get into decent position without causing undue pain or stress.

    The “nose-chin-belly button” method can help:

    senior straight spine and posture 3

  • Stand up straight with your head tilted slightly back.
  • Place a club against your body so it touches your nose, chin and belly button.
  • Lean forward from the hips, keeping those three points in contact with shaft, until you can comfortably see the ball.
  • Take the club in your golf grip and place it behind the ball while maintaining your posture.
  • If you feel pain at any time, stop and shift your position – perhaps with a small arching of the back — until you’re comfortable. The goal is to keep the back as straight as possible, but not to the point of discomfort.