Alternatives To Chipping For Senior Golfers

    If you struggle with your chipping and need an alternative that provides you with a more reliable and consistent result when out on the golf course, then playing a shot that keeps the ball closer to the ground will give you much better results.

    Initially, look at the surface that you have between the ball and the target. If the ground is not too rough and the grass not too long then consider hitting a putt even if you are yards off the green. Set up with your feet shoulder width apart and stand so that the putter sits flat on the floor and your eyes are directly over the golf ball. To check your eye position, place another ball on the bridge of your nose, take up your putting stance and look down at the golf ball. Now let the ball drop from the bridge of your nose and if your eyes are directly over the golf ball, the ball you let go of should land on top of the ball you are going to putt.

    Hold your putter so that your arms are straight and dangling vertically under your shoulders. This will create a Y shape between your arms and the putter. Now work on swinging this Y shape to the right and then to the left of the golf ball. Make sure that you swing an equal distance from the ball to the right and then the same distance once you have struck the ball to the left. Play shots from various distances around the practice green to get a feel for how big to make your putting swing and to help you build your confidence for when you are out on the course in a similar situation.

    If the grass or rough that you need to play across is too rough or long for you to effectively putt, then play the same swing action but this time use your hybrid. Your hybrid has more loft or face angle than your putter, so playing the shot with this club will see the ball fly slightly higher so that it lifts above the surface and longer grass and clears this before it then lands and rolls towards the target. Playing the shot with your hybrid will require room for the ball to roll though as it will fly 10% in the air and roll 90%, so if you do not have this much room available, then play the same shot with your 8 iron as this will travel about 40% in the air and roll 60%.

    Set up with the ball in the middle of your feet and aim the club face at the target. Pull your left foot directly back about four to six inches and place slightly more weight on this side (for right handed golfers). Hold low down on the handle and create a straight line from your left shoulder down your left arm to your hands and then down the club shaft to the club head. Maintain this straight line and swing back and through the golf ball an equal distance on either side. To help you maintain the straight line, when you practice, play the shot wearing a jacket with a tight sleeve. Place the handle of the club up the inside of your left sleeve to create the straight line just discussed and then play the shot, without allowing the handle to pull on your sleeve.

    These two alternatives to playing high chip shots will give more options when out on the golf course, and with some hard work you will really improve your accuracy and the results you achieve.