Senior Hybrid Golf Clubs Ball Position

When using hybrids there’s no need to make massive adjustments at set up.

The senior golfer can play the hybrid club like a long iron. If the hybrid has a middle iron loft (5 iron or 6 iron) they can set up for a middle iron shot. Most hybrids are designed to take the place of long irons (2,3,4 iron) as these are generally the most difficult clubs to hit.

1. The senior golfer can set up with the hybrid as though it were a long iron with similar loft. This would mean a 22 degree hybrid would be played from just forward of centre, similar to a 4 iron.

2. The shoulders, hips, knees and feet should all be square to the ball-to-target line.

3. When swinging the hybrid, the senior golfer wants an iron action striking through the ball. This should be created by the ball position. The senior golfer should strike down and through the ball.

4. The senior golfer doesn’t want to produce a large divot like an 8 iron. A little ‘bruise’ of the ground after the ball would suffice. This should impart enough backspin on the ball to lift it skyward.

Varying the ball position with hybrid clubs can produce different results for the senior golfer. One popular shot on professional tours is the hybrid stinger. The hybrid stinger flies lower than usual and carries a greater amount of roll once it lands. Here is how the senior golfer can adapt their ball position to play this shot and add a new weapon to their arsenal.

1. Set up with a slightly narrower stance but use a standard ball position, just forward of centre in the stance. Alignment should be straight down the ball-to-target line.

2. Place about 60% body weight on the front foot and lean the shaft towards the target.

3. Swing the club away keeping the body weight 60% on the front foot. The senior golfer doesn’t want the weight to transfer on to the back foot.

4. The backswing should be three quarters in length.

5. Drive down and through the ball keeping 60% body weight on the front foot and let the hands lead the way.

6. At impact, the hands should be ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh and then extending through to the target.

7. The follow through, like the backswing, should be three quarters in length.

8. Because the swing is abbreviated, the ball will not fly as far through the air when compared to a normal shot, but carry a greater amount of forward roll. Once it hits the fairway, it should bound forward which is a great weapon for the senior golfer to have when playing in windy conditions.

The stinger was first fully brought to the world’s attention by Tiger Woods using a 2 iron but seniors can use the hybrid to also see the benefits and play their own version of the stinger.