Correctly Aiming Your Senior Hybrid Golf Club Head

A senior golfer’s ability to correctly aim a hybrid golf club will greatly affect the resulting shot.

Misalignment of the club head at address can lead to a poor ball flight and swing faults. To help aim the hybrid correctly, the senior golfer needs to understand what correct alignment actually is.

Correct Alignment

When aligning to a target, it is important to understand what the golfer is aiming at.

There are two distinct aim lines – the ball-to-target line (an imaginary line stretching from the ball to target), and the body line (where the shoulders, hips, knees and toes are placed in relation to the ball-to-target line). Alignment will be correct when the leading edge of the club face is at right angles to the ball-to-target line and the body is parallel to the ball-to-target line. The easiest way to picture this is to imagine a dead straight railroad track. The outer rail is the ball-to-target line stretching away into the distance; the inner rail is the body line. When viewed from behind, a right-handed golfer will appear aimed slightly left of the target.

To ensure correct alignment the senior golfer can follow this pre-shot routine.

1. Select the loft of senior hybrid club for the shot and take your grip.

2. Pick out the target line from behind the ball (this is the ball-to-target line).

3. Aim the hybrid club head at something just before the ball, which lies on the ball-to-target line, like a different colored patch of grass.

4. Take the set up position and aim the hybrid club face at the intermediate target. If you are using a Thomas Golf Hybrid this will be easier because of the alignment technology incorporated into the hybrid design.

5. After the club face is aligned, the toes, knees, hips and shoulders should be set at right angles to the ball-to-target line.

The senior golfer can cajole a playing partner to check their alignment or place a club down across the toes at address to check body aim. If at address, the senior finds they are aiming too far left (for a right handed golfer), they could hit a pull, fade or slice shot. If at address, the senior finds they are aiming too far right (for a right handed golfer) they could hit a push, draw or hook shot. Aiming the body correctly can help eliminate curve during the ball flight as the swing path should be more neutral (inside-to-square-to-inside).

Manufacturers such as Thomas Golf use patented technology to help senior golfers achieve correct alignment with hybrids by placing special markings on top of the club. These markings can help the senior when setting up to the ball by allowing them to easily aim the club face down the ball-to-target line.

Follow these tips and improve your pre-shot routine to aim your hybrid club correctly.