senior stand closer to ball for back 1

    Many senior golfers get into trouble when they try to achieve perfect posture. This often causes the back and shoulders to arch, with the arms reaching too far to set the club behind the ball. Next thing you know, your lower back is in a world of hurt.

    The better approach is to stand slightly closer to the ball. Your body will be more upright at address, relieving lower back pressure. You’ll also be able to turn more freely back and through.

    To check your distance from the ball, try this:

    senior stand closer to ball for back 21

  • Take your normal address, then place the butt of the club’s grip on your left leg.
  • The club should touch the leg about 3” above the kneecap.
  • Lower than 3” means you are probably too far from the ball.
  • Move your feet toward the ball until you hit the 3” mark.
  • Make sure to keep plenty of flex in the knees when setting up closer. Straightening the legs to accommodate the position will limit your ability to turn the hips. You may find it necessary to grip down slightly on the club to get comfortable over the ball.