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    As our bodies change, our golf clubs should change, too. Getting custom fitted for new clubs – or having your current ones adjusted is recommended every five years for senior golfers. A new fitting is also a good idea if you’ve suffered an injury or illness that affects your strength or posture.

    Clubs that match your swing can help you overcome emerging physical limitations. For example, more flexible shafts can compensate for a loss of clubhead speed. If your posture changes, a simple lie angle adjustment can bring your clubs back into harmony with your swing plane.senior custom fit 2

    Besides shaft flex and lie, clubfitting will ensure that your equipment suits you in these areas:

  • Shaft material (steel or graphite)
  • Clubhead size
  • Grip thickness
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  • Clubface loft (especially the driver)
  • Putter length and lie angle
  • Clubfitting can also help you determine the best set makeup for your game. For example, if you’re currently carrying a 4-iron, a clubfitter may suggest switching to a comparable, easier-to-hit hybrid club.

    One final note on shaft material: While the majority of irons are made with steel shafts, consider switching to graphite if you have sensitive hands or painful joints. Graphite is more expensive, but it’s easier on the hands due to superior shock-absorbing properties.