senior balance 1

Many swing flaws can be diagnosed with a quick check of the golfer’s finish position. If he’s settled back on the ball or heel of the right foot (for righties), or even stepped away from the target, his balance and weight shift are clearly amiss.

For senior golfers, an unbalanced finish may be a sign of weakness in the legs, pain in the right toes or poor posture. Then again, you could have plenty of strength in the back and lower body but be victimized by technique issues.

To determine if you’ve got the physical ability to swing to a well-balanced finish, emulate the follow-through position without a club:

senior balance 2

  • Stand with the majority of your weight on the left foot, your hips and shoulders turned toward the target, and your right foot balanced on the tiptoes.
  • If you can achieve this position without swinging, there’s no reason you can’t do it with a club.

    Often, the golfer shifts weight to the right on the follow-through (reverse pivot), incurring pain in the toes which is relieved by rocking back onto the heel or stepping backward and further aggravating the swing problem.

    If you suffer from a reverse pivot, work on your posture and try this excellent drill.