A pure putt is a combination of the golf ball being struck from the putter face at exactly dead centre, where the sweet spot of the putter is located, and the putter face pointing exactly at the target at the moment of impact.

Keep Putter Head Low To Roll Pure Putts, Senior Putting Tip
This combination of factors means that the golf ball will roll true and on line and is the aim of every golfer. Keep the putter head low through the putting motion to increase your chances of achieving these two points.

Keeping the putter head low is a way of concentrating on the swing path of the putter head. The ideal swing path is one that swings in a straight line, backwards and forwards, towards the target. This gives the best chance of a pure contact and controlling the putter face for a straight putt. In addition, by keeping the putter head low to the ground, the ball is hit on a horizontal plane rather than downwards or upwards which can make the ball bounce, or jump into the air thus affecting the distance that the ball travels.

To keep the putter head low, use this drill on the practice putting green.

1. You need a piece of chalk and some golf balls.

2. Draw a straight line on the putting green with your chalk that points directly at a hole of approximately four to five feet away. The line should be about two feet long.

3. Take some practice swings on the line. Set up so that your eyes are positioned directly over the line and that you make sure you swing the putter from your shoulders rather than with your arms and hands. Focus on swinging directly down the line so that the aim lines on the putter head are kept central to the chalk line and that they are always pointing in the same direction.

4. To keep the putter head low, imagine that there is some morning dew lying on the grass. When swinging the putter head gently brush the top of the grass and remove the wet dew on the chalk line.

5. Put a ball in the centre of the chalk line and perform the same actions.

This drill is an excellent drill to practice swinging the putter head in a straight line, controlling the putter face and making a centred contact with the ball. Keeping the club head low will result in more consistent putts.