How And Why To Hit A Flop Shot - Senior Golf Tip 1

    Improve your game around the greens and learn a new golf shot with this golf tip.

    A 'flop' shot is a golf shot that is generally played when the golf ball is situated close to the green. It is a shot that does not travel very far but needs to be struck so that it rises up sharply and high into the air and then lands softly with little or no run once it hits the green.

    It is not very often that a flop shot is needed and not one for the faint hearted or the unconfident. A flop shot is generally used when the ball is next to the green but behind an obstacle such as a short tree or a bunker. It is also an effective shot if the ball is well below the level of the green. As a percentage shot, it is definitely not recommended. A low running chip shot to the side of the target is usually much more preferable and safe but, depending on skill level, lie of the golf ball or at what point the match or round is at, the golfer may choose this risky shot above all others.

    To play a flop shot, consider the following points:

    Lie – The ball has to have a good lie, preferably with some fluffy grass underneath the ball. It is almost impossible to hit this shot correctly from a tight or bare lie (little or no grass underneath the golf ball).

    Club choice – The most lofted club in the bag needs to be used, either a sand iron or lob wedge. It is also a good idea to increase the loft of the golf club by 'opening' the golf club face. This means turning the club face to the right of the target for right handed golfers and left of the target for left handed golfers. Doing this increases the loft on the golf club and will produce a higher shot.

    Setting up for the shot – At set up, position the golf ball in the front half of the stance, midway between the centre of the feet and the front foot. Lean on the front leg so that the bodyweight is approximately 60-40 favouring the front leg. Bend the knees a little more than usual to encourage a shallow swing. These set up points encourage the club to swing in a shallow fashion and nip the very bottom of the golf ball to produce a high launch of the ball from the club face making the ball rise sharply into the air.

    Swing action – Swing as low and shallow as possible and ‘pull’ the club through the ball, skimming the ground underneath the ball. Hold the club face to point at the sky through and after the shot. Make sure that the legs turn through to a good finish and that there is no ‘helping’ the ball up into the air with the arms.

    A successful shot will rise sharply upward from the club face, travel high up into the air and drop on to the green, stopping close to where it landed. Used correctly, this technique can save shots around the golf course.