How And Why Senior Golfers Should Create A Compact Golf Swing

    Creating a compact golf swing is something that all golfers should aim to achieve.

    A compact golf swing is the most efficient and allows you to deliver the most efficient movement, power and speed with the club head back into the golf ball. As a result of this, you will hit your most consistent, accurate and longest golf shots.

    Here we are going to look at how to create a compact golf swing that does not waste any of your energy on additional and unneeded movement.

    A compact golf swing is achieved when you rotate your upper and lower body correctly during your backswing. If you are right handed, you should work on rotating your upper body as much as you can towards 90 degrees to the right of your start position. However, your pelvis and lower body should only rotate approximately 45 degrees right of their start position, allowing your upper body to rotate over your lower and also allowing you to create coil, or twist, in your body during your golf swing.

    Achieving only 45 degrees of rotation in your lower body but more than this (up to 90 degrees) in your upper body will give you a very compact feeling during your backswing and reduce any excess movement that is not really required but will waste energy and therefore reduce speed and power.

    To create maximum power and speed during your swing, create a compact backswing by rotating your lower body and pelvis only 45 degrees to the right of their start position but work on rotating your upper body over this to a position as close to 90 degrees right of the start position as possible.