Who Is He?

Stuart Appleby Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

Stuart Appleby turned professional in 1992, and having made his way on to the PGA tour, has become a nine time winner and featured in the top 10 of the official world golf ranking.

What He Does

From the ground up, Appleby tries to work diligently on making sure his set up, and also his alignment is perfect. He often talks about how if his swing is going to inherit a fault, it is often deeply rooted in issues he has with his set up, and mainly with his inconsistent alignment.

When making a good backswing turn, he rotates nicely with his upper body, maintaining a relatively stable lower body, but he does have a tendency to swing the golf club slightly shorter than the often prescribed 3 o'clock perfect backswing position. This leaves the golf club looking a little bit short and possibly a little laid off at the top of the swing.

What Can You Learn?

Stuart Appleby Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

A relentless pursuit to perfection in the set up is one of Appleby's key traits that any aspiring golfer should aim to copy. Every practice session that you embark on should start with checking all of your set up fundamentals and ensuring that your alignment to the desired target is perfect.

Using two alignment sticks could improve the results from your practice session. Simply lay one stick parallel to the ball to target line and ensure your toes are square to this line. Place the second stick perpendicular to the first stick so that it is directly pointing to the golf ball position. Use this stick to ensure correct ball position. This will then ensure that you practice in the most efficient manner and have the most efficient use of your time on the practice ground.

What Should You Avoid?

There are very few issues with Appleby's swing that you should be encouraged to avoid. With regards to the swing being slightly shorter than the horizontal position, this is actually seen as a positive for a lot of club golfers as it should allow you to make a more controlled, balanced golf swing.