Who Are They?

    The Molinari Brothers Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

    Both of the Molinari Brothers are multiple winners on the European tour, and Ryder Cup veterans, having been ask to play together as a pivotal partnership during the victorious European team for the Celtic Manor matches in 2010.

    What They Do

    Both players are coached by the renowned English golf coach, Dennis Pugh. Pugh, the former golf coach to seven time European Order Of Merit winner, Colin Montgomery, has done a great job in allowing each brother to have their own individual swing characteristics.

    Francesco Molinari takes the golf club away in a wider one piece takeaway turn, which involves less hand action and can produce a more reliable and longer draw shot.

    The Molinari Brothers Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

    Eduardo Molinari has a tendency to take a golf club away on a much narrower angle and requires a faster cocking of the wrists in the backswing, which results in a narrower position at the top of the swing. This results in a slightly over the top downswing which in turn creates a soft fade shot, which is reliable for Eduardo, but he does give up some distance.

    What Can You Learn?

    For most golfers, the preferred one piece wider takeaway that is employed by Francesco Molinari would be considered to be more beneficial for golfers trying to improve their consistency and accuracy. However, with Eduardo Molinari it does go to show that playing a consistent fade can be reliable and, if controlled correctly, will hit a high percentage of fairways.

    What Should You Avoid?

    Eduardo Molinari is a very consistent driver of the golf ball, although slightly narrower in his takeaway. The stock fade shot that he creates is used to good effect in order to hit a high percentage of fairways. It is really only his poor short game and nervous putting that has stopped him winning far more tournaments on the European tour.