Who Is He?

Sam Snead Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

'Slamming Sam', as he was known in his heyday, holds many records on the PGA tour. One of the world's greatest players with 81 PGA tour victories, 7 major titles, and the unbelievable feat of shooting under his age by 11 shots when he shot a round of 60 at the age of 71 years old!

What He Does

One of the world's greatest swingers of the club, Sam Snead's swing will always be remembered for his trademark squatting down movement. This often copied, but never bettered, movement resulted in Snead generating a massive surge of power during his downswing by actually squatting his knees from the top of his backswing during the downswing transitional phase.

What Can You Learn?

Sam Snead Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

Once you have completed your backswing, if you feel like you are stuck at the top and you do not know how to start your downswing, then you may consider trying to copy Sam Snead's downswing squat.

Sam Snead drove his knees and hips aggressively downwards and forwards to initiate his downswing movement. By pushing hard off the instep of his right foot, he was able to shift his bodyweight aggressively back towards the golf ball and made a forwards and downwards striking action into the back of the ball.

What Should You Avoid?

If you struggle with hitting the golf ball fat, that is to say striking the ground before the golf ball, and taking a large divot, you should be advised that this squatting down action would probably make your issue of fatting the golf ball worse, and therefore, you should purely focus on moving laterally back towards the target, whilst also maintaining your height and spine angle. This should still encourage you to have a powerful downswing, whilst maintaining your height should stop you fatting the golf ball so frequently.