Who Is He?

Gary Woodland Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

This guy makes Tiger Woods look short off the tee. He is the leader of the pack when it comes to the new breed of big bombers on the golf course. With one win to his name, already Woodland will be hoping that his natural ability to hit the ball further than most people go on their holidays will serve him well in collecting more PGA tour titles.

What He Does

From the moment Gary Woodland sets up to the golf ball you can tell that he isn't trying to lay up. A very powerful stance and incredibly wide movement away from the golf ball indicates to even the most casual observer that his swing is all about power. As he transitions into his downswing, the incredible amount of lag he creates between his leading left arm and the golf club shaft is really the key to where he generates his power from. He maintains this incredible lag angle until very late on in his downswing towards the ball, before unleashing the club head at the last moment to make him one of the longest drivers on tour.

What Can You Learn?

Gary Woodland Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

Woodland's power is obvious from his set up position. If you want to try and generate efficiency and distance on your shots, ensure that you to have a different set up for your driver and for your irons.

For a powerful driver set up, place the golf ball opposite to your front instep. You can then allow the handle of the driver to sit behind the ball so that the butt end points towards your belt buckle. Then drop your rear foot into a wider than normal stance position, lower your rear shoulder and allow 65 percent of your body weight to sit over your rear leg. You should feel like you're actively tilted away from the target line so that as soon as you complete your shoulder rotation, you will have created a massive coil up behind the golf ball. Unleashing this coiled position is where Gary Woodland creates his power from and hopefully the same will apply for your golf swing too.

What Should You Avoid?

Gary Woodland's technique as described above works really well to generate power with your woods, however, this position is not encouraged for your irons, as you are likely to hit the ground before the golf ball resulting in fat shots.

Also, maintaining as much lag as Gary Woodland does during his downswing would cause a lot of accuracy problems for most amateur golfers.