At some point, you are likely to think about playing in a golf tournament as a way to test your skills. This may be a casual tournament at your local club, or it might even be a regional competition meant for experienced players. Whatever kind of tournament you decide to play, you’ll quickly learn that tournament golf is a different beast than a normal casual round. To help you progress as quickly as possible with your tournament performance, we have answered some common questions below.
    Top 3 Tournament Questions and Answers

  • Should I change anything about my strategy when playing in a tournament? The best way to approach a golf tournament is to keep your game as normal and familiar as possible. That means avoiding the temptation to try anything that you wouldn’t attempt during a normal round with your friends. Don’t try to play ‘over your head’ by hitting shots that you aren’t sure you can pull off with consistency. It is natural to want to do more than usual when playing in a tournament, but that is only going to lead to trouble. Stick with your regular game and do your best to execute each swing properly.
  • Top 3 Tournament Questions and Answers

  • What should I expect in my first event? If you are playing in a tournament for the very first time, there are a few things you should know. First, it is a good idea to arrive at the course a little bit earlier than you would for a regular round of golf. You’ll probably need to go through some sort of registration process, and the driving range will likely be pretty crowded, as well. By giving yourself a little bit of extra time, you can comfortably get ready for your round without having to rush. Another important tip for your first tournament round is to expect a slow pace of play. Many golfers slow down in tournaments, meaning you should plan on spending longer on the course than you would otherwise. This can be frustrating if you are caught off-guard by the slow pace, so be ready for it and keep yourself calm. While waiting on the next group to finish a hole, make conversation with your playing partners or enjoy the scenery around the course. Once it is time to hit your shot, bring your focus back to the task at hand.
  • Top 3 Tournament Questions and Answers

  • Do I need to have a handicap to play in tournaments? Most likely, yes, you will need an established handicap to play in local tournaments. A handicap will pinpoint your skill level, and you can use it to enter the net division of the competitions at your local club. To get your handicap set up for the first time, ask at your favorite course about what you will need to do to register your handicap and get started. There will be a cost associated with setting up your handicap, but it is usually a pretty modest fee.
  • Competing in tournaments is one of the best parts of calling yourself a golfer. You don’t need to be a highly skilled player, either, thanks to the handicap system. IF you get a chance, try playing in an upcoming tournament at a course near you. Most likely, you’ll be hooked after just one competition, and you’ll soon be looking forward to all of the upcoming events.