Golf equipment has changed dramatically over the last 10 or 20 years. Where clubs were once relatively simple, and there were limited options for golfers to pick from, you will now find an overwhelming selection when you walk into any golf shop. There are huge club heads, bright colors, an array of shafts, and more. For the beginning golfer, or just a golfer who doesn’t know much about the equipment side of the game, shopping for a new set of clubs can be an intimidating experience.

    To take some of the confusion out of the process, we have provided answers to some common equipment questions below.

    Top 4 Equipment Questions and Answers

  • I use a steel or graphite shaft? This is one of the top equipment-related questions, and as is often the case, the answer is ‘it depends’. Both steel and graphite are useful options, depending on your needs. In general terms, steel shafts are heavier than graphite, meaning they require a greater swing speed to use effectively. However, they also tend to be most stable, which is why so many golfers prefer to use steel in their irons and wedges. For most golfers, the right solution is going to be graphite shafts in the long clubs – driver, fairway woods, and hybrids – and steel in the rest. However, if you have a relatively low swing speed and you need help getting the ball up in the air, using graphite in your irons is certainly a viable option. Go through a club fitting process when picking out a new set to determine the right shafts for your game.
  • Top 4 Equipment Questions and Answers

  • How many clubs should I carry? Many new golfers can’t imagine actually needing to use all 14 clubs allowed under the rules of the game, so they think that it would be best to carry some number less than 14. That is a mistake. Even as a beginner, you will quickly find that every spot in your bag allowed by the rules should be used. Build a complete set of clubs to make sure you are as prepared as possible for the various situations that can come up on the course. Even if you don’t use all 14 clubs at first, having a full set will make it easier to develop your game as you gain confidence and improve your skills. For a true beginner, buying a complete set which comes with a full assortment of 14 clubs is a great way to get started.
  • Top 4 Equipment Questions and Answers

  • Do I need to spend top dollar on high-end equipment? This one is easy – absolutely not. While you may wish to invest a lot of money in brand name gear, that should in no way be considered a necessity. You can pick up an affordable new set from an off-brand, or you can buy used clubs from any number of dealers online. It is true that golf can be an expensive game, but you shouldn’t see it as a requirement to buy costly clubs if you hope to become a better player. The quality of your play on the course is far more about your skill and preparation than it is the cost of your equipment.
  • Top 4 Equipment Questions and Answers

  • Do I need to spend top dollar on golf balls? It is common for amateur golfers to buy the most expensive ball they can find on the pro shop shelves, thinking that must be the ‘best’ ball. Unfortunately, this is often nothing more than a waste of money. Expensive golf balls can be helpful, but only when used by accomplished, skilled players. If you are still working on developing your game, you will be better off with a less-expensive ball. Not only will this save you money, but you will actually play better as well. Lower priced balls tend to spin less, which is exactly what the average player needs. Until you can shoot scores in the 70s, don’t worry about shopping at the high end of the ball market.
  • The most important lesson you can learn about equipment is you need to shop for gear that is right for you. There is no such thing as the ‘best’ golf equipment, or the perfect set of clubs. A set which works beautifully for one player might not work at all for another. Think about your own needs, and your own budget, when building your next set.