Should Hybrids Be Considered A Great Option Off the Tee?

    Should Hybrids Be Considered A Great Option Off the Tee?: Yes

    We feel like hybrid clubs may be slightly overlooked when it comes to hitting tee shots. Those who carry hybrids already understand that they are great from the fairway, and they work nicely from the short rough as well. However, those characteristics should not take away from the fact that you can hit excellent shots from the tee using your hybrids. By sacrificing some distance as compared to hitting a driver or fairway wood, you should gain a significant amount of control over the ball. When you absolutely need to hit a fairway, it is hard to do better than opting for a hybrid.

    To make sure you get the best possible performance from your hybrid clubs off the tee, please consider the following tips –

  • Tee the ball low. It will be tempting to place the ball high on a tee when hitting your hybrid in this situation, but the better option is to set the ball low to the ground. Remember, your hybrid – much like a fairway wood – is designed to produce great shots from both the tee and from fairway lies. That means the sweet spot on this kind of club is relatively close to the turf, so you don’t want to set your ball up too high in the air. If you do, you will either hit the shot high on the face or you’ll need to make some kind of in-swing adjustment to get back on track. By setting the ball up just barely over the top of the grass, you will have a perfect lie from which to play.
  • Don’t become obsessed with distance. Using a hybrid from the tee is a decision that you make when you wish to emphasize control over sheer distance. With that in mind, don’t let the idea of hitting this shot as far as possible creep into your mind once the swing begins. This is a control shot, so make a swing which focuses on control first and foremost. If you don’t think that a controlled swing is going to hit the ball far enough for the shot at hand, you should probably think about using a different club.
  • Have a specific target in mind. It is always important to pick out a specific target for any golf shot you hit, but it is even more important when you are using a hybrid for control. Don’t just aim for the ‘middle of the fairway’ and hope for the best. That is not a specific target, and it will likely lead to a loose swing. Instead, pick out something that you can use for a specific aim point, and then do your best to hit that spot. Players who struggle when laying up from the tee often get into trouble because they don’t have a proper target in mind. By finding a target, you can get over that hurdle and have more success with your layup shots.
  • Never take a shot for granted. Another way golfers get into trouble with these kinds of layup shots – whether played with a hybrid or with a long iron – is by taking them for granted. If you think this is an easy shot and you don’t really need to pay attention, you are making a mistake. Every shot can go wrong in golf, and you are more likely to make a mistake when you lose focus. Do your best to center your mind on the task at hand each and every time you stand over the ball. You are never going to hit perfect shots 100% of the time, but giving each shot the respect it deserves is a big part of success in golf.
  • If you have not yet begun to use hybrid clubs from time to time off the tee, you are missing out on an opportunity to hit more fairways and set up more birdie chances. Sure, it can be difficult to resist the temptation of hitting the ball as far down the fairway as you can with a driver, but distance isn’t everything in golf. On holes where it is more important to position the ball than it is to cover lots of territory, use a hybrid to keep the ball in play with relative ease.