Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

    1. Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course Review

    The Edgewood Tahoe was designed by architect George Fazio and it was first opened for business back in 1968, making for a challenging but fair golf course and earning Golfs Digest top rating as one of Americas top golf courses. The Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course offers a wide choice of 4 sets of tees, with lengths varying between 5343 yards to an impressive 7529, being challenging for golf pros and amateurs alike. Also, this magnificently beautiful place makes for one of the Rockies best known golf resorts, being easily walkable both in terms of terrain and routing, but the vast majority of its visitors are using carts, as expected from a top notch facility. Bottom line, the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course is one of those rare places where youll be able to remember almost every hole, and if youre already in Nevada for a gambling session, I would strongly suggest you to take your chances here too, and even if you lose, the epic scenery/the aesthetic factor is definitely worthwhile.

    Ekwanok Country Club

    2. Ekwanok Country Club Course Review

    The Ekwanok Country Club was initially founded in 1899 and it was designed by architect Walter J Travis; in 2007 it suffered a major restoration project, with the help of architect Bruce Hepner working with Renaissance Golf Design. The new team managed to bring back to life some of the golf courses initial character, especially by removing some of the trees and by restoring the original design of the fairway bunkers, i.e. their initial rugged appearance, together with promoting the native grass areas. Also, greens were restored to their initial dimensions and some of the most interesting holes were recaptured in the process. The Ekwanok Country Club is a private facility available for members and their guests only and its located sixty miles west of Concorde.

    Elk River Club

    3. Elk River Club Course Review

    The Elk River can be described as a championship golf course, being an interesting mlange of man-made and natural architecture sitting on a beautiful piece of real estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains, making for a beautiful journey and the ultimate golfing experience if youre lucky enough to get an invitation. The Elk River Clubs unique location allowed for the architect to create a highly dynamic golf course which will allow you to experiment with various golf strategies, being challenging enough for pro golfers and a true delight for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. Also, this golf course is ranked high, among the best in North Carolina, being one of the most beautiful in the state and in the United States for that matter. Jack Nicklauss design managed to integrate perfectly the golf course with the natural topography and the beautiful scenery offered by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    Engineers Country Club

    4. Engineers Country Club Course Review

    The golf course features 6767 yards from its longest tees and it was completely renovated in 1998, including an update for its facilities. To describe it in a few words, Id say that the golf course was designed for pro golfers, i.e. for match play, as you can blow a round basically on any one hole. As per metrics, the golf course at the Engineers Country Club features a slope rating of 131, a course rating of 72,7 for a 71 par and it hosted the 1919 PGA Championship and the 1920 US Amateur. Its also worth noticing the fact that Frank Menckes Encyclopedia of Sports listed the Engineers Country Clubs golf course as one of the best in the United States, and that speaks volumes in this writers opinion.

    Erin Hills Golf Course

    5. Erin Hills Golf Course Review

    The terrain is composed from small rock and sand and the designers created the fairways using fine fescue in order to emphasize the natural shapes of the real estate, together with providing players with a firm and stable playing surface. All these things considered, I must admit that the Erin Hillss creators benefited from an outstanding location for building their inland links golf course, due to the areas uninhibited views and epic scenery, its rolling hills and the ubiquitous golden fescue. The golf courses greens and fairways play very fast and firm, a must-have feature when it comes to links courses and the holes are of excellent quality, offering lots of challenges and fun. The conditions are top notch and the Erin Hills Golf Course is very playable, regardless of your skill level, making for a required golf-destination if youre visiting the Midwest. The Erin Hills Golf Course is a true gem that will make for a wonderful golfing experience and it ranks up with the best golf courses in the United States, being a place where youll be able to enjoy a pure golf-experience on a championship-grade facility.

    Escondido Golf & Lake Club

    6. Escondido Golf & Lake Club Course Review

    Some say that the Escondido Golf & Lake Club is one of Texas best kept secrets, due to its impressive amenities and the impeccable golf course. In terms of metrics, the course boasts its 7168 yards of golf from its longest tees for a 71 par and obviously, its an 18 hole regulation length golf course. Visiting the Escondido Golf & Lake Club youll be delighted by the pastoral setting, i.e. the beautiful shores of the LBJ Lake in the heart of Texas Hill Country and youll have the chance to experience the old flavor of Tuscany, which is basically reborn here. Avid Golfer Magazine ranks the Escondido Golf & Lake Club as the finest golf community in Central Texas area. Also, Dallas Morning News puts the Escondido among the best golf courses in Texas. Bottom line, if you want to spend some quality time while playing your favorite game in Hill Country, the Escondido Golf & Lake Club is very easy to recommend.

    Eugene Country Club

    7. Eugene Country Club Course Review

    During the Eugene Country Club long history, way back in 1960, the famous architect Robert Trent Jones was hired for a redesign/restoration job, and he toughened up the golf courses layout by remodeling the bunkers and the greens and also he managed to enlarged the greens, with the end result being a hugely enjoyable and most challenging golf course to suit the modern golf player. According to Trent Joness own comments, the Eugene Country Clubs golf course has a cathedral like setting, in regard to a number of holes, and he was talking about the opener especially, which is majestically framed by fir and cedar trees. And indeed, the arboretum is the most impressive feature of the Eugene Country Clubs golf course, making it a magnificent place to play a round of golf, especially in the autumn. Theres also water coming into play, especially at some holes in the middle-section of the round, so dont worry, youll be in for a real treat while playing your favorite game at Eugene Country Club.

    Fallen Oak Golf Club

    8. Fallen Oak Golf Club Course Review

    The golf course itself was specially (exclusively even) built and designed to please the guests attending the nearby Beau Rivage tourist resort and its outstandingly dotted with myriads of colorful magnolias, while the dramatic and challenging elevation changes will make your day. But by far, the most tricky and treacherous element of design youll encounter while playing the Fallen Oak Golf Club is the cleverly placed bunkers. The greens are excellent and the course conditions are almost perfect, making for a fine golfing experience, due in no small measure to the extraordinary staff. The layout is terrific and in immaculate condition, the greens are true and the golf course plays hard but fair, the design is great and the surroundings astonishing, even breathtaking, the Fallen Oak Golf Club being a must-try for golf players visiting Biloxi.

    Falls Village

    9. Falls Village Course Review

    There is one thing that does stand out about Falls Village, and that is the practice facility. The driving range is more that capable of holding 50 golfers at the same time, and the hitting area is massive, with multiple greens to work on your aim. There are also two practice greens that are adequate enough for someone to work on multiple length putts and chipping. The lone downfall of the practice area, is the undulation in the first putting green. It is excessive, and does not allow for a golfer to work on their putting without seeing 2-3 feet of break.

    The course does have plenty of potential, but it honestly needs to be shut down for a few months to give the greens a break. The greens are spongy and already dying out in most spots and it is June. They have a long summer ahead, and need to get a firm grasp on these greens before they lose them. The rest of the course is where I see the potential. Falls Village has some decent length, sitting at just over 7,100 yards, but until the condition of the course improves, I dont see them surviving.

    The Ford Plantation Golf Course

    10. The Ford Plantation Golf Course Review

    When the Ford Plantation Golf Course was initially built, its main purpose was to offer its members the opportunity to enjoy a great time there, regardless of their skill level. And what Dye managed to re-create in 2014 (the large scale re-design/restoration job) achieved just that: having fun while playing a great game and facing challenges while enjoying the beauty of the course and the awesome views provided by the areas lush vegetation and rich wildlife. And thats not just my opinion either. For example, the Ford Plantation Golf Course was called one of the best new golf courses in America by Golf Magazine and Golf Digest, while Golfweek ranked it in its top 100 best residential courses in 2016. Bottom line, let me remind you that playable doesnt mean just easy, when referring to the Ford Plantation Golf Course, it means having a great time and lots of fun.