National Golf Links of America

    1. National Golf Links of America Course Review

    The layout and the routing job of the golf course were meant to provide the players with the ultimate golfing experience, as every hole is different and unique in its own way from the others, the piece of real estate upon which the course was built is perfect for a golf course in every way and the National will provide you with a safe line of play if youre the cautious type or a more difficult experience, yet very rewarding, if youre ready to take risks. It would make no sense to write accolades about the National as it would take pages, but let me share with you what some of golfs greatest writers had to say about this magnificent golf course. John de St. Jorre referred to the National as the most scenic in America, whilst Herbert Warren Winds named it a majestic monument. According to Horace Hutchinson, the National has no weak points. Are you sold yet Keep in mind that the National is one of the best in the world, not only in the US, and the golf course will provide you with some of the finest views in all of golf, so just get here and well do the rest, to quote Jim Morrison.

    Oak Hill Country Club East

    2. Oak Hill Country Club (East) Course Review

    Playing the East Course youll be delighted to discover the creek that meanders through the property and bisects a number of fairways right next through the green, sometimes half way through the hole or some fifty yards from the green. There are also plenty of trees around the fairways, but theyre not very intrusive nor excessively thick. The golf course has a classic look and feel, with great strategy and gentle doglegs. According to Tiger Woods, Oak Hill is the fairest yet the hardest course pro-golfers have been asked to play during a major championship, and that speaks volumes in my book with regard to the overall golfing experience youll encounter while playing here. Keep in mind that the Oak Hill golf club is a private facility and its available just for its members and their guests, but if youre lucky enough to get an invitation, just go for it and thank me later.

    Oakland Hills Country Club (South)

    3. Oakland Hills Country Club (South) Course Review

    Because this golf course is a sweet echo of the classic history of golf, a place that spawned epic golf legends and compelling stories, which cannot be replicated elsewhere. The Oakland Hills was the chosen host for the 1922 Western Open and the defining moment in the history of the club was Ben Hogans 1951 triumph. In the same year, Robert Trent Jones Sr. was hired to modernize the golf course for the 1951s Open and he removed eighty original Donald Ross bunkers, which were replaced by sixty new ones of his own design. Also, he did a number on the fairways landing areas, but the Oakland Hills is still a Donald Ross signature course without any doubt. The Oakland Hills country club was host for 6 US Opens and a Ryder Cup during its long history and it makes for a true testimonial of classic golf, representing a time when everything was about golfing in its purest form.

    Oakmont Country Club

    4. Oakmont Country Club Course Review

    As far as old-school golf courses go, the Oakmont Country Club is one of the few venues in the US (and in the world actually) to have an incredibly rich championship tradition and since 1903, it hosted more PGA and USGA championships combined than any other golf course in the United States. The accolades of the Oakmont Country Clubs golf course include 8 US Opens, 5 US Amateurs, 3 PGA Championships and 2 US Womens Opens. Another thing to consider before playing here if the pedigree is not enough for you is the fact that the golf course at Oakmont is arguably one of the most difficult (if not the toughest) in the United States/North America, featuring two hundred and ten bunkers, slick and hard greens which slope away from the golfer and pretty tight fairways, which will require pin-point accuracy if you want to go home with a cool score card.

    Oak Valley Golf Club

    5. Oak Valley Golf Club Course Review

    The course is packed with Bermuda from tee to green, and it really ensures superior conditions throughout the entire year. The layout at Oak Valley is pretty straight forward, but beware of the ponds strategically placed throughout, that defend many of the greens. The first hole does have a bind tee shot, but it is straight away and allows for you to begin the round on a strong note. The par 5 second is easily reach able in two, and if you can keep the ball to the left side of the fairway you will have no issues navigating your way to the finish. The rest of the front nine is pretty straight forward, with the exception of the par 5 seventh hole, which is a tight dog-leg right with a creek running up the entire right side of the fairway and a nice pond waiting for you in front of the green. The creeks dont stop here, and the back nine has a fair share of water throughout. The par 4 10th hole is a tough one, but again, keep it to the left and you will survive. The back nine is pretty straight forward, just like the front, but be careful when you make your way to the par 4 17th, because trouble is everywhere. You need to keep our tee shot to the right, but you have to also avoid the trio of bunkers in the left rough. Once you have avoided this, you will get to hit to another green surrounded by water, but the miss is long. The 18th hole is a nice finale to a challenging day, but beware of the creeks that run from the tee to the midway point in the fairway. You need to place a long iron down the left side, and you have the chance of rewarding yourself with a birdie to close out the day.

    Ocean Forest Golf Club

    6. Ocean Forest Golf Club Course Review

    The golf course was designed by the famous architect Reese Jones and it was first opened for players in 1995. Keep in mind that even if this golf club is located inside the Sea Island tourist resort, the golf course is private, meaning that its available just for its members and their guests. In 2001, the Ocean Forest Golf Club hosted the Walker Cup matches, being the youngest golf course to be awarded such an honor. Another interesting factoid is that playing the Ocean Forest Golf Clubs golf course youll be playing a truly hidden gem, as most players are totally unaware of its existence, due to the fact that its very private and quiet and youll also have to pass through a guard-gate while entering the Sea Island resort, and yet another one to enter the Ocean Forest Golf Club. The cherry on top, theres no sign that says Ocean Forest, you got the picture. The terrain upon the Ocean Forest course was built is located precisely where the Hampton River meets the Atlantic, at the end of a barrier island, an area blessed with beautiful sand dunes, pine trees, oaks, wetlands, marshes and a river estuary. The greens are pretty small, averaging 5300 sq feet and they feature low profiles, for ensuring playability in high winds, which are common.

    Ocean Hammock Golf Club

    7. Ocean Hammock Golf Club Course Review

    The golf course is built upon a terrific piece of land which boasts its sparkling lakes and pristine wetlands, playing six holes directly on the ocean. Remember to bring a camera with you while playing here and youll find out that sometimes is hard to focus on the game itself, as playing the Ocean Hammock is very much like a day at the beach. Basically, youll kill two birds with one stone, i.e. youre in Florida, playing a great round of golf whilst enjoying an awesome day in the sun. Now, be advised that even if the Ocean course is on the ocean, hence its name, the golf course has limited views of the water, but some of the holes feature raised greens and youll definitely get a sense of the surrounding Atlantic ocean. Jack Nicklaus was very close to create a pebble beach of the East at Ocean Hammock, and even if he did not succeed 100%, he managed to create arguably the nicest golf course in Florida. The course is fun to play, easy to score on many birdie holes, open and forgiving and if youll be playing it early in the morning, at sunrise, it will make for a lovely experience.

    Old North State Club

    8. Old North State Club Course Review

    The layout is quite extravagant, and Fazzio did not waste any time ensuring golfers were tested early. The par 5 first hole is a tight monster, with water up the left side, and trees throughout. You need to keep your drive to the right side of the fairway, which will allow for you to make a run at the green in two. The second hole does not get any easier, and you are greeted with the closest thing to an island green that you will find. The par 3 third hole is surround by water, with the slightest bit of room right for a miss. Surprisingly enough, the next eight holes are very straight forward. Dont get me wrong, there is some distance and trees are everywhere, but if you want to take advantage of the scoring, it happens during this stretch. Once you reach the 11th hole, you will be greeted with a strong dog-leg right, and bunkers right in the landing area. Keep the miss to the left side of the fairway, and you can navigate through safely. The next four holes provide your last real scoring opportunity, and you need to take advantage before arriving to an extremely daunting final 3 hole stretch. The last three are surrounded by water, and the 18th hole is around the lake and it is a pure monster. You need to keep the miss right, and I would recommend not going for the green in two, and your miss has to be to the right. In all, if you are daring enough for a pure challenge, then Old North State is the course for you.

    Old Chatham Golf Club

    9. Old Chatham Golf Club Course Review

    The Old Chatham features 7234 yards of golf from its longest tees, being an 18 hole championship golf course set in four hundred acres of protected woodlands, being a true wild-life sanctuary situated far away from any real estate development. Playing here is like visiting a cathedral dedicated to the great game of golf, as everything is about golf and golf only, without any distractions. The Old Chatham was ranked as the best private club in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Triangle Area by the reputable North Carolina Panel of Raters and Triangle Business Journal. The golf course itself is reminiscent of the good old days when everything about tee and green sites were one hundred percent natural and minimal amounts of earth were moved.

    The fairways are separated by native forests, which look like an epic scenery from the Lord of the Rings movie. Playing here feels like you have the course all to yourself, even if there are other groups around doing the same thing. The Old Chathams golf course is always maintained in impeccable condition, with an obsessive attention to detail as its groomed using a seamless melange of traditional and modern maintenance practices, whilst aesthetics never trump playing conditions, theres no compromise in this department.

    Old Marsh Golf Club

    10. Old Marsh Golf Club Course Review

    The design philosophy behind the Old Marshs golf course reflects a deep appreciation for old-school Scottish resorts together with the utmost respect for the surrounding landscape. If youre that type of golfer who loves challenges and cherishes natural beauty, the Old Marsh will suit you like a glove. The Old Marsh resort was built in 1987 as a private facility, available just for its members and their guests and its located in Palm Beach County, Florida, featuring an impeccable conditioning, with near perfect greens and a service/hospitality far beyond expectations.

    The routing and the layout are outstanding and the course is challenging yet fair. The terrain upon which the Old Marsh was built has an abundance of wetlands and marshes, which dictate your shot selection. Playing here feels like youre in the Everglades as the golf courses layout blends seamlessly with the beautiful landscape and youll encounter superb conditions from tee to green. If youre passionate about golf and natural beauty, the Old Marsh should definitely be high on your bucket list.