• Type: Private
  • Address: 1730 Wood Nymph Trail
  • City: Lookout Mountain
  • County: Walker
  • State: Georgia
  • Zip: 30750
  • Call to Book Tee Time: (706) 820-1169

In the city of Lookout Mountain and the state of Georgia you will find Lookout Mountain Golf Club. This 18 hole course was built in 1925. If you want to locate the course geographically the longitude is -85.3568976 and latitude 34.96172. The designer of Lookout Mountain Golf Club is Bill Johnston and Forrest Richardson. Metal spikes are allowed. This is a Private course.


    Lookout Mountain Golf Club Review
    Lookout Mountain Golf Club Review

    Lookout Mountain Golf Club Review

    The Lookout Mountain golf club was built way back in 1925 and the design wears the signature of architect Seth Raynor. The golf course sits on an unlikely location in northwest Georgia and it has a very imaginative layout, featuring a Georgia address but a Tennessee vibe sort to speak. The terrain upon the course was built is on the rocky side, but its not strictly speaking mountainous, but more of a plateau at 1700 feet of altitude and it straddles the 2 states. Keep in mind that the Lookout Mountain golf club is a private resort, meaning that its available only for its members. Even the guest policy is very strict, hence playing here is a real privilege and if you have the chance, just go for it and never look back.

    Given the topography and the geography of the region, to play a round without facing the wind is a rarity at the Lookout Mountain golf club, but this is the salt and pepper of this place. Just looking at altitude alone, this golf course is as close to golf heaven as it gets. However, getting here is relatively difficult, but the experience is definitely worth the stretch. Playing here youll enjoy the epic scenery of the region and the beautiful views will make every round unique, but keep in mind that the greens are fairly difficult and the overall golfing experience is truly challenging. Truth be told, the greens at Lookout Mountain are arguably the trickiest I ever putted in my entire experience and I must also mention that the golf course is always in impeccable condition. The tees are traditional and rather small, and given the short distance from greens, this golf course can be described as very walkable. There are a few relatively difficult hills to climb, Ill give you that, but playing here youll be overlooking the mountains and the valleys and youll also enjoy the traditional southern atmosphere which is rather unique.

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Golf Course Info

Golf Course Information


  • Number of Holes: 18
  • Year Course Built: 1925
  • Course Designer: Bill Johnston and Forrest Richardson
  • Location Time Zone: EST
  • Daylight Savings Time: yes
  • Season Availability: Open all year (closed on Mondays)
  • Latitude: 34.96172
  • Longitude: -85.3568976


  • Metal Spikes Allowed: yes
  • Play Fives: no
  • Guest Policy Rules: Closed
  • Dress Code Policy: No denim, collared shirt and bermuda shor required
  • Advance Tee Time Notice: Yes


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