Thin Shot Golf Drill: Swing Two Clubs to Extend the Arms

The more you fear topping the golf ball, the more tense you become and the more likely you are to – that’s right – top the golf ball. Sad but true.

Tension causes the arms to pull inward on the downswing, yanking the club away from the ball. What you need is better extension into and through the shot. Here’s an easy way to get it:

  • Take two clubs of similar length (8- and 9-iron) and hold them together with your hands wrapped around the grips.
  • Hover the clubheads off the ground and make a series of half swings at half speed. (Try not to hit the ground as this can damage the clubheads or shafts if they smack together.)
  • As you swing, keep your arms relaxed and loose. You’ll feel the clubs pull the arms outward through the impact area.
  • Increase the length and speed of your swings a little at a time.
  • Now swing a single club, feeling the same sensation of the arms extending. That’s what you want when hitting the ball.

This is an excellent warmup drill to loosen your arms and shoulders. You can also use it on the course if you encounter a bout of topped or thin shots.