Drill 1 Smooth Stroke 1

    Every golfer aspires to putt with the silky smooth stroke of Ben Crenshaw. So fluid, so graceful, so inspiring.

    Of course, a beautiful stroke does you little good if it turns ugly under pressure. Stress and tension can mar even the purest of motions by tightening the muscles, quickening the pace and wrecking the rhythm.

    If you’ve got sound putting fundamentals – good grip, posture and alignment – the next step is to solidify your stroke so it holds up when the nerves get jumpy.It happens to the best golfers; witness routine tour pro meltdowns during major championships. On the amateur level, stress may come in the middle of a tight match with friends, or when you’re chasing a low score late in the day.

    Drill 1 Smooth Stroke 2

    As with all golf skills, it takes practice to build and maintain a reliable stroke. Most golfers recognize that putting is crucial, accounting for about 40% of all shots in an average round, yet spend most of their practice time on the driving range. Devote an appropriate portion of each session to putting and it will pay off.

    We offer the following series of drills to help you develop a putting stroke that stays smooth no matter how much pressure is applied.