Slice Golf Shot Drills: Club Points to Inside-Out Path

Many golf drills force you to exaggerate the desired method in order to cure you of a bad habit. This one is a good example.

On the driving range:

  • Choose a target in the distance, such as a flag, and place a club on the ground pointing directly at it. This is your target line.
  • Place another club parallel to the first one along the line of your feet.
  • Now choose a second target 15-30 yards right of the first one. Move the first club to point at the second target.
  • Take your stance with your feet, hips, shoulders and clubface aligned with the club at your feet.
  • Hit shots by swinging in line with the club pointed to the right.
  • Done correctly, your swing path will be severely inside-to-out, sending the clubhead and ball well right of where your body is aligned. This is the opposite of your usual over-the-top path, the root cause of slicing.

    To route the club properly, you’ll have to drop it onto a flatter (more horizontal) plane on the downswing. This will feel foreign at first, and you may fear that your shots are going too far right. Don’t worry. Again, the drill’s purpose is to fix your poor swing path and replace it with a correct one.

    Like many drills, this one is great as a pre-round warmup – especially when you’re still working to eliminate that slice. Hit your first 10 shots this way before proceeding to normal swings.