Slice Golf Shot Drills: Basket Outside the Line

The first step to fixing a slice is to correct a faulty swing path. Most golfers who slice have an “over-the-top” or “outside-to-in” swing, where the clubhead approaches the ball from outside the target line and moves across to the left. When the clubface is open in relation to this path, a left-to-right shot results.

What you want is a path that traces a slightly inside-to-out angle, which is necessary to hit a draw and to maximize your power. At first, it may seem counter-intuitive – why swing to the right if you want to stop hitting the ball to the right? It’s simply a matter of physics. Swing inside-out with a clubface that’s closed (pointing left) of this path, and you impart right-to-left spin and shots which curve in that direction.

This simple drill will help:

  • Line up a shot with a short to mid-iron.
  • Place a range ball basket or something similar about 18”-24” behind the ball and just outside the target line. If you take the club straight back from the ball, the toe should just miss or knick the basket.
  • If you make an over-the-top swing, you’ll hit the basket. Swing inside-out or directly down the target line and you’ll miss it.
  • Hit 10-15 shots with the basket in place, then move the basket and emulate the same inside-out action.

  • Fear of hitting the basket will force your body to improvise a swing that misses it, teaching you the proper swing path.