Slice Golf Shot Drills: Basket Inside the Line

    Here’s another drill designed to eliminate your outside-to-in or over-the-top swing path, the likely cause of your slice. With practice, you’ll learn an inside-out swing and not only stop slicing, you’ll be able to hit a lovely, right-to-left draw.

    If you come over-the-top, the club will exit the impact area to the left of the target line (for a right-handed golfer). Instead, you want the club traveling right of target through impact. Here’s the drill:

  • Line up a normal shot with a short iron or mid-iron.
  • Place a driving range basket about two feet in front of your ball, and 4-5 inches inside (left of) the target line.
  • If your swing path is out-to-in, you’ll smack the basket on the follow-through.
  • Avoiding the basket requires swinging inside-to-out. Your shots, therefore, should start right of target.

  • Don’t worry about the results of your shots, or even the quality of contact. The goal is to learn and groove the correct swing direction and fix your slice. If you can consistently start the ball to the right, you’re on the proper path.