Shorter Swing Golf Drills: Two Clubs for Added Control

Sometimes, the golf club might as well be a sledgehammer. Once you get it going, there’s no stopping its momentum.

Many golfers, especially those with quick backswings, have trouble controlling the club at the top. Pulled by the club’s weight and momentum, the left (lead) arm collapses at the elbow, the wrists hinge too much and the club dips past the parallel position.

Sound familiar? Here’s a good drill that will build stopping power into the top of your backswing:

  • Take two golf clubs of similar length (like an 8- and 9-iron) and wrap your hands around both grips.
  • Set up as though hitting a ball and make a backswing. You’ll feel a mighty tug nearing the top as the clubs’ weight pulls your arms and shoulders.
  • Stop your backswing, keeping the left arm and wrist firm, then swing through.
  • Make 5-10 swings this way, then switch to a single club.
  • You’ll have much greater control because one club will feel extremely light compared with swinging two.
  • If you’re not sure how long your backswing is with two clubs, stand in front of a mirror or window. Repeat this drill often to build up your shoulders and arms, and use it to warm up before playing or practicing.