Putting Sweet Spot Drill

Drills are one of the best ways to improve your golf game. A good drill can help to reinforce an important concept, and it will sometimes help you visualize exactly what you are trying to accomplish. On the topic of hitting the sweet spot on the face of your putter, there is a great drill which is as simple as it is effective. If you’d like to try this putting drill for yourself, please follow the steps below.

  • The equipment you’ll need for this drill is pretty simple. You will need to have your putter, a few golf balls, and two tees. Also, you are going to need to have access to a practice putting green, and you should find a relatively flat spot on that green where you can hit putts in the three to five-foot range.
  • To get started, pick out a spot to putt from and place the balls down on the green. Since you have hopefully found a pretty flat spot on the practice green, you shouldn’t need to worry much about making a read. Just get set up over the first ball, settle into your stance, and prepare to hit the putt.
  • However, before you actually put the club in motion, there is going to be one more step. While holding the putter in place with your left hand, reach down with your right hand and push the two tees into the ground. One of the tees should be placed just outside the toe of the putter, while the other tee should be pushed into the ground just inside the heel of the club. You may need to crouch down behind the ball in order to insert the tees into the turf – that’s okay. The key here is that the putter head remains behind the ball so you can use it as a guide when placing the tees.
  • Now that your tees are in the turf, you are ready to send the first ball on its way. At this point, you are going to do nothing different than you would on any other putt. Focus on making a solid stroke, keep your eyes on the ball, and keep the putter head accelerating down the line.
  • Continue on with the drill, rolling the rest of the balls toward the hole. Hopefully, most of them will fall in. Once you are finished with this first set, you can feel free to repeat the process as many times as you would like.

So, what is the point of this drill? Simple – if you manage to swing the putter cleanly between the two tees, you can be sure that you are striking the ball on the sweet spot, or at least extremely close. Should the putter stray too far to the outside or inside of the intended line, your putter head will hit one of the tees and you will immediately know that something has gone wrong. If you struggle to move the putter cleanly through the tees on a regular basis, go back and work on the fundamentals of your stroke.

This is a great drill to use during a practice putting session, and it is also valuable when you are warming up for a round. You should gain confidence from executing this drill successfully, as it will indicate to you that everything is working properly in your stroke. Swinging the putter directly down the line and striking the ball on the sweet spot doesn’t guarantee a make, but it does improve your chances considerably.