Right-Hand Golf Drill for Crisp Chip Shots

Here’s the scoop: If your hands don’t work together, you can’t chip and pitch successfully.

Many golfers involve the hands too much in the chipping motion, which leads to a scooping or flipping action and shots hit fat or thin. Often it’s the right hand (for right-handed golfers) dominating the action, flicking the clubhead at the ball in an unnecessary attempt to get it airborne.

Ironically, the best drill to get the hands working together requires using them one at a time. Here’s the right-handed portion:

  • Set up to a normal chip shot of 20-30 feet — ball in the center of your stance, weight slightly favoring the left foot, shaft leaned toward the target.
  • Place your right hand on the grip, choking down for extra control. Place your left hand at your side or behind your back.
  • Make a few right-hand-only practice swings, then play the shot using just the right hand.
  • As you reach impact, keep the handle ahead of the ball and resist flicking your right wrist.
  • The shaft should point on an angle toward the ground (not up) as you follow through.
  • Try 10 chips with one hand, then place both hands on the club and hit several more. Try to repeat the same action with your right hand.
  • Once you return to two-handed chipping, you should notice a more unified feeling between the hands and better control of the club.