drill 91 image 1

It’s one thing to be an ace on the practice green, another to be a great putter under pressure. The trick is to introduce an element of stress to your practice routine.

This drill is designed to do just that:

  • Start by placing five balls in a semi-circle around the cup, about 2 ½ feet away.
  • To move to the next round, you must make all five. One miss and you start all over.
  • Once you’ve holed the first set in succession, move a few feet farther out and repeat.
  • Where’s the pressure in that? You’ll be surprised how the nerves act up when you’ve got to make one last putt to achieve the goal. By putting a little heat on yourself, you’ll learn how your body reacts under stress – maybe your routine gets quicker, or you lift your head too soon. It’s crucial to know your own tendencies in order to deal with them when the time comes.