Hook Golf Shot Drills: Walk-Through Finish

A golf swing plane that’s too flat (horizontal) is sure to cause some ugly hooked shots. While some players take the club back on an overly flat plane, for others the problem is caused by a poor weight shift.

If your weight moves onto your right (back) foot during the downswing, the club follows a shallower path to the ball and the clubface shuts, causing a pull or hook. Any time you hit one of these shots, check your balance at the finish. If most of your weight is on the right side, there’s your problem.

The walk-through or step-through drill will ingrain a correct downswing weight transfer and fix your flaw:

  • Using a short iron, set up to the ball as usual and begin your swing.
  • On the way down, step out and around with your right foot as the club contacts the ball. It could take a few attempts to get the hang of this motion, which should be one continuous movement from downswing to follow-through.
  • Your body should directly face the target at the finish.
  • After hitting five shots with the walk-through swing, hit two balls without stepping through. You should feel your lower body shift laterally into the ball and finish with your weight on the left foot.
  • You can utilize the same drill to fix many swing problems, including fat shots, slicing and a lack of power.