Golf Best Drill For Maximum Distance 1

    So you want to hit your golf clubs with more power to maximize distance?

    Well then watch this video and read this tip and learn how to create more power and how to turn it into distance. This simple drill is going to cover how we use our levers (wrists, elbows and shoulders) in the golf swing to create power.

    Problem – A lack of lever hinge in the backswing, therefore you are unable to unhinge and release the power on the downswing. This causes errors as the golfer will look for different ways of creating power during the golf swing and often this causes incorrect technique.

    Fix – To create maximum distance we need to be able to create club head speed and this is found in the backswing. Wrist hinge on the way back is important to create power. Your takeaway should consist of a straight left arm, whilst your wrists should start to hinge the club so that the golf club is set at right angles to your left arm at the three quarter position of the backswing. At this point the left arm should remain straight and the right elbow should have started to fold into the bicep (right angle) position as this creates a hinged position ready to explode through the downswing to create power at impact.

    None hitting drill – Hold the golf club in front of you parallel to your feet at about waist height. Make sure the end of the grip is aiming at the target. Take your normal stance and posture. Take hold of the golf club with the hand closest to the target and at the grip end so that your palm is facing inwards. Take hold of the shaft about half way down with your other hand but this time the palm faces outwards. The hands should not be touching together. Once you have your hands on the golf club in front of you, start to swing the club in your backswing. The idea is to keep the arm that is holding the grip straight as you take the club back. You should notice that the other arm starts to bend at the elbow into a right angle position and the wrist of the same arm starts to hinge.

    From that backswing position, start to practice swinging down and hold the bend in the arm that is holding the shaft for as long as possible before extending and straightening the arm as you come into impact. The feeling should be that the club head speed increases as a result of the unhinging of the vital levers.

    Once you have the feeling of how to hinge and release the levers with the hands separately, continue to do the same drill with the hands together as you hold the club normally again.

    Top tip – Only practice doing this drill, do not hit golf balls.