Previous drills in this series addressed the problem of hanging back on your right (back) side during the downswing. The following drill will teach you the proper weight transfer by requiring you to make an exaggerated lateral move.

  • Using an 8-iron, address the ball in your normal manner; it should be in the center or slightly forward of center in your stance.
  • Lower the club onto the ground in a straight line from the ball to your toe line.
    Stick a tee in the ground just outside the ball; remove the ball.
  • Move to your right (away from the target) until your left foot is an inch behind the line of the club lying on the ground.
  • Pick up the club and address the tee, which should be an inch beyond your left foot. Don’t lean forward with your upper body to reach the ball.
  • Make a few practice swings, attempting to clip the tee with your club. You’ll need to make a strong lateral move, right to left, in order to reach the tee. It’s OK to tilt a bit over your left side on the follow-through.
  • Next, try hitting a ball from the same position. If done properly, you’ll hit it fairly high and possibly left of target. If you hit behind the ball, you’re not transferring weight correctly. Drive off the right side and onto the left as you swing through. Hit 10 shots from this position.

    Now move the ball to its normal spot in your stance and hit five shots using the same lateral drive. Then switch back to the ball-forward stance and hit 10 more.

    A few rounds of this drill will ingrain a more fluid weight shift into your downswing and rid you of fat shots.