Don’t you wish you could pose like the pros? You can, simply by learning the correct weight transfer.

Pro golfers finish in beautiful balance, their hands high, chest facing the target and weight poised on the left foot. Many amateurs, on the other hand, tip onto their right (back) foot, away from the target.

The classic walk-through or step-through drill is a tried-and-true method for improving your weight shift. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Address the ball with a short iron in your usual manner and begin a slow, smooth swing.
  • As you make contact with the ball, swing the right foot around toward the target, essentially walking toward the shot. This should happen in one continuous motion and may take a few tries to get right.
  • Finish with your whole body facing the target.
  • Hit several shots with the step-through motion.
  • Next, try hitting a shot with the same lateral action in your lower body, but keep the right foot in place as with a normal swing. Your weight should be on your left side at the finish.
  • The walk-through drill has many benefits besides curing fat shots. It will also increase your power, boost your accuracy and perhaps help you hit a draw (right-to-left shot).