Distance Control Golf Putting Drills: Lag to an End Zone

This drill borrows an idea from America’s other favorite sport, football. The goal: Get the ball into the end zone.

  • Place a club near the edge of the practice green in a relatively flat spot.
  • Place a clubhead cover or similar object three feet from the club. The space between is the “end zone.”
  • Drop five balls about five feet from the clubhead cover and try to putt each one into the end zone, without hitting the club. If you miss with any attempt, start over and repeat the drill until all five balls finish in the end zone.
  • Move out to 10 feet and repeat. Each time you successfully putt five consecutive balls into the end zone, move out another five feet.
  • After a while, move to an uphill section of green, then find a downhill spot.

If you consistently come up short of the end zone, you’re probably decelerating the putter through impact. If you routinely putt the ball into the club (e.g. through the end zone), your stroke could be too wristy or quick.