Golfers Dealing With Lower Back Pain

In this discussion let's consider lower back care for golfers, we want to highlight a few points.

  • Consider technical adjustments. If you have persistent back issues – not so much major injuries as minor problems that make it hard to play your best – you may want to consider making technical adjustments to your game. For instance, you may be able to stand a little taller at address, taking some of the stress off of your lower back. Or, you could shorten your turn significantly, relying on your hands and arms to do more of the work in the swing. It will be difficult at first to make a technical adjustment, but it could be worth the effort if you are able to play more golf as a result.
  • Speak with other golfers. When you run into back problems as a golfer, you can at least take solace in knowing that you aren’t alone. There are countless other golfers who have run into the same issue, and there are almost certainly some at your local course. Ask around to see if any of the other players at your club have had troubles and ask them if they have any tips. You certainly shouldn’t accept medical advice from a non-medical professional, but other golfers may have simple solutions that have helped them on the links.
  • Think about walking. At first, you might think that riding in a golf cart is an easier option than walking the course. And, of course, it is in some ways. For instance, you save the energy that would have been used walking up the fairways, so you may feel fresher at the end of the round. However, there is a downside. By sitting in the cart between shots – both while driving and while waiting for the group in front to play – you may allow your body to get stiff. This is not necessarily the best thing for a player with a back problem. In some cases, you may be better off walking the course if you are physically capable of doing so. Obviously, you shouldn’t decide to walk if that is going to cause physical problems in other ways. And, if you do walk, pushing your clubs on a push cart rather than carrying them may be a wise choice.

It’s no fun to deal with lower back pain in golf. Not only is it uncomfortable, it also can harm your game and even cause you to miss out on being able to play at all. Overall, the main message of this article is simple – be smart, pay attention to your health, and get help from a medical professional when you have problems. We hope that you will be able to manage your back health successfully, so you can have a long and enjoyable career on the links. Good luck!