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While it’s strongly advisable to take golf lessons from a pro early on, private sessions can get pretty expensive; most instructors charge $30—$50 for a half-hour, while some command even higher fees. On top of that, you don’t really need close individual attention until you’ve got the fundamentals in place.

That’s where golf clinics make a great value. Clinics usually involve one or two pros teaching multiple students the most basic aspects of golf, such as grip, aim, stance and posture. Clinics are typically geared toward a specific part of the game, such as driving, iron shots, chipping or putting. Some are designed for women or juniors, others for senior golfers, and many for beginners.

Because the same fundamentals apply to most every golfer, specialized attention isn’t as important at this stage. Besides, you’ll still receive some personalized advice during a clinic – all you’ve got to do is ask the teacher.

Clinics are cheaper than regular lessons, often as little as $10 or $20 for an hour. Many golf courses, clubs and driving ranges hold classes on a weekly basis, so check the schedules of your local facilities. Get those fundamentals squared away, then take the next step and enlist a pro for one-on-one work. You’ll save money and learn quickly.