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Push in Golf

A “push” is a common term used in golf to describe a type of shot that tends to veer away to the right side for right-handed golfers or the left side for left-handed golfers. It is also referred to as a “push shot” or a “push fade.” This shot has a slight curve in its trajectory, moving in the opposite direction of a typical slice or hook shot.

Here are a few key points to understand about the push shot in golf:

  • A push shot typically occurs when the clubface is open at impact.
  • The player's swing path is usually straight, but the open clubface causes the ball to start right and stay on that line, resulting in a push.
  • Push shots often have less spin and lower trajectory compared to normal shots.

A push shot can be frustrating for golfers, as it can lead to inaccurate shots and missed targets. However, understanding the cause and making necessary adjustments can help improve your shot and reduce the occurrence of this undesirable shot shape.

To fix a push shot:

  • Check your grip: An incorrect grip can contribute to an open clubface at impact. Make sure your grip is neutral and not too weak or strong.
  • Focus on alignment: Aiming too far to the right of your target (for right-handed golfers) can cause a push shot. Pay attention to your alignment and aim correctly to ensure your swing path matches your target line.
  • Swing adjustments: If you consistently push the ball, you may need to make some swing adjustments. Work on keeping your clubface square at impact and try to avoid an overly outside-to-inside swing path.
  • Practice tempo and timing: An inconsistent tempo or improper timing can also contribute to a push shot. Practice maintaining a smooth, well-timed swing to promote better shot accuracy.

Remember that the appropriate fix may vary for each individual, so it's essential to consult with a golf professional or instructor who can analyze your swing and provide personalized guidance.

While a push shot is generally considered undesirable, it's important to note that some professional golfers intentionally play a push or a fade shot to shape their shots around obstacles or to control the ball's trajectory. Developing the ability to purposely hit a push shot can be an advantageous skill to have in your golf arsenal.

In conclusion, a push shot is a common term in golf that refers to a shot that veers away to the right for right-handed golfers or to the left for left-handed golfers. It is caused by an open clubface at impact and typically has a lower trajectory and less spin. Understanding the cause and implementing the necessary adjustments can help improve your shot accuracy and consistency. Consult with a golf professional for personalized guidance to fix a push shot.