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Push Slice (aka Golf Flare, Block)

Golf is a fascinating sport with a wide variety of terms and techniques. One such term is the “Push Slice,” which is also known as the “Golf Flare” or “Block.” Understanding this golf term can help improve your game and allow you to make better shots on the course.

  • Definition: A push slice refers to a shot that starts right of the target for right-handed golfers (left of the target for left-handed golfers) and then curves further right (left for left-handed golfers). It is a combination of a push and a slice, resulting in a shot that loses control and distance.
  • Cause: There are various reasons behind a push slice. Some common causes include an open clubface at impact, an incorrect swing path, or a misalignment of the body in relation to the target.
  • Effects: The push slice can be a frustrating shot as it results in a loss of accuracy and power. It often ends up in trouble, such as landing in rough or hazards, which can affect your overall score.

Now, let's delve deeper into some key factors that contribute to a push slice:

  • Clubface Alignment: If your clubface is open (pointing to the right for right-handed golfers) at impact, it will impart sidespin on the ball, causing it to slice to the right.
  • Incorrect Swing Path: A swing path that is outside-in (approaching the ball from the outside and cutting across it) is another common cause of a push slice. This swing path promotes the left-to-right spin that characterizes a slice.
  • Body Alignment: If your body is misaligned to the target (open to the target line), it can lead to an open clubface and an incorrect swing path, resulting in a push slice.

To correct a push slice and improve your shots, consider the following:

  • Clubface Awareness: Pay attention to the position of your clubface during the swing. Work on squaring the clubface at impact to eliminate the open face that causes a push slice.
  • Swing Path Adjustment: Take note of your swing path. Practice swinging from inside-out, aiming to approach the ball from behind the target line, which helps reduce sidespin.
  • Alignment Check: Before each shot, ensure your body alignment is parallel to the target line. This helps promote a proper swing path and avoids an open clubface.

It's important to note that correcting a push slice requires practice and patience. Working with a golf professional can provide personalized guidance and feedback to address your specific swing mechanics.

By understanding the push slice, its causes, and implementing the suggested corrections, you'll be on your way to improving your golf game and hitting more accurate shots. Remember to keep practicing and refining your technique!