mantle term

In golf, the typical components or layers of a golf ball are the core and the cover. The core is the central part responsible for compression and energy transfer, while the cover is the outermost layer that provides feel, durability, and spin.

The term “mantle” is not a commonly used term in relation to golf ball construction. However, in some instances, the term “mantle layer” may refer to an additional layer or layers between the core and the cover in multi-piece golf balls. These additional layers, if present, can contribute to the ball's performance characteristics, such as spin control, feel, and distance.

It's important to note that golf ball construction and terminology can vary across different manufacturers and ball models. Some manufacturers may use specific terminology unique to their brand or ball design. Therefore, it's always helpful to refer to the specific terminology and information provided by the manufacturer when discussing golf ball construction.

Mantle of a Golf Ball (aka Casing of a Golf Ball): The layer between the ball’s core and cover.