A golf ball on a fairway on a golf couse

In golf, the term “ball mark” refers to the indentation or mark left on the putting green when a golf ball lands on it from a high trajectory or distance. When a golf ball impacts the green, it can create a small depression or indentation on the surface, which is known as a ball mark.

Ball marks can affect the smoothness and playability of the putting surface. If left unrepaired, ball marks can cause bumpy or uneven greens, affecting the roll and accuracy of putts for all golfers. Repairing ball marks is an essential part of golf etiquette and maintaining the quality of the golf course.

Proper ball mark repair involves using a ball mark repair tool or a tee to carefully lift the turf around the depression, gently pushing the edges toward the center without tearing or lifting the grass. The goal is to level the surface and allow the grass to heal and recover quickly. It's important to avoid simply pushing the turf downward, as this can damage the root structure of the grass.

Repairing ball marks promptly and correctly helps maintain the overall quality of the putting greens, allowing for smoother and truer putting surfaces. Golfers are encouraged to repair any ball marks they see on the green, even if they are not responsible for them, as part of good golf course etiquette.

By taking the time to repair ball marks, golfers contribute to the well-being of the golf course and enhance the experience for themselves and others who play the game.

Ball Mark– The impression left on the green from a golf ball after landing from an approach shot.