High Finish, Golf Term

The Golf Term “High Finish”

The term “High Finish” in golf refers to the position that a golfer's body and club assume after making a swing. It specifically focuses on the position of the golfer's hands and club at the completion of the swing. A high finish is characterized by the golfer's hands finishing above their shoulder level, indicating a full and powerful swing.

Here are a few key points to understand about the high finish:

  • A high finish is usually seen with longer shots, such as drives and fairway woods, rather than with shorter shots like chips and putts.
  • A high finish is often associated with a successful shot that achieves distance and accuracy.
  • It indicates that the golfer has maintained a good swinging rhythm and balance throughout the swing.
  • A high finish is a visible indicator that the golfer has followed through with a full release of the club.

The primary benefits of achieving a high finish in your golf swing include:

  • Increased Distance: A high finish demonstrates that you have generated ample clubhead speed, resulting in greater distance on your shots.
  • Better Accuracy: When you have a high finish, it implies that you have maintained a good swing path and release, leading to improved shot accuracy.
  • Improved Balance: A high finish signifies that you have maintained your balance throughout the swing, which is crucial for consistent and repeatable shots.
  • Full Power Release: The high finish indicates that you have let the club fully release through impact, maximizing the energy transfer to the ball.

It is important to note that while a high finish is generally desirable, it is not a strict requirement for a good golf swing. Every golfer has a unique swing, and some may naturally have a lower or more compact finish. The key is to find a finish position that allows you to consistently deliver the club with power and accuracy.

To incorporate a high finish into your swing, focus on the following:

  • Follow-through: Work on extending your arms fully after impact, allowing your hands to finish above your shoulders. This will encourage a high finish position.
  • Weight Shift: Ensure a proper weight transfer from your back foot to your front foot during the downswing, which will help generate the necessary clubhead speed for a high finish.
  • Swing Tempo: Maintain a smooth and even tempo throughout your swing, avoiding any rushed or jerky movements that can hinder achieving a high finish.
  • Practice: Regularly practice your swing, focusing on finishing high. Repetition and muscle memory will help you incorporate a high finish into your natural swing motion.

Remember, the high finish is just one aspect of a successful golf swing. It symbolizes the power, balance, and release that should be present in an effective swing. Incorporate these elements into your game, and you'll be well on your way to improving your distance and accuracy on the course.