Deuce, Golf Term

Golf Term: Deuce

Golf is a game filled with jargon and unique terminology. One such term that you may come across while playing or watching golf is “Deuce.” In golf, “Deuce” typically refers to two different scenarios, let's explore each of them:

1. Deuce as a Score

When it comes to scorekeeping in golf, the term “Deuce” is often used to mean a score of two on a hole. It is commonly known as making a “Deuce” or scoring a “Deuce.” This term is more prevalent in informal or casual golf games, as in professional tournaments and official play, players usually refer to their scores numerically.

Scoring a deuce is considered a good accomplishment, especially on par 3 holes. It means that the player completed the hole in two strokes less than the par score. For instance, if a par 3 hole has a par score of 3, scoring a deuce means the player completed it in only 2 strokes. It shows skill and accuracy in hitting the ball precisely towards the target.

In addition to par 3 holes, it is also possible to score a deuce on par 4 or par 5 holes, but it is relatively rare due to their longer lengths and more complex layouts.

2. Deuce as a Tie

Another context where you might hear the term “Deuce” in golf is when referring to a tie or a match that is even. This usage of “Deuce” is most commonly associated with match play, a format where two golfers or two teams compete against each other hole by hole.

In match play, a match can be “All Square” if both players or teams have won an equal number of holes. If the match remains “All Square” after the 18th hole, it is considered to be a draw, resulting in a tie. However, some golfers use the term “Deuce” to refer to this situation of a drawn match as well.


  • Deuce as a score: Scoring a deuce means completing a hole in two strokes less than the par score, typically used in informal games.
  • Deuce as a tie: In match play, a “Deuce” can refer to a situation where the match is tied after the 18th hole.

Understanding golf terminology is essential to fully grasp and enjoy the game. Whether it's the different clubs, strokes, or scoring, each term adds to the rich vocabulary of golf. Knowing the meaning behind “Deuce” will help you communicate effectively with your fellow golfers and enhance your overall golfing experience.