curve shaft term

In golf, the term “curved shaft” refers to a type of putter shaft that has a bend or curvature in its design. Unlike a straight shaft, a curved shaft has a noticeable bend that deviates from a linear or straight configuration.

Here are a few key points about curved shafts in golf:

  1. Design and Purpose: The curved shaft is designed to provide a specific putting feel and stroke motion. The curvature in the shaft can vary in degree and direction, depending on the specific putter model. It aims to influence the putter's swing path and promote a more consistent and repeatable putting stroke.
  2. Offset: Curved shafts often come with an offset design, where the neck of the putter is set back from the leading edge of the putter face. This offset configuration helps align the hands and wrists with the putter head, promoting a more natural and stable setup and stroke.
  3. Arc Stroke: The curved shaft is often preferred by golfers who have an arcing or slight arc putting stroke. The curvature of the shaft complements the natural swing path of these golfers, allowing for a smoother and more on-plane stroke. It can help reduce unwanted manipulation of the putter face during the stroke and improve consistency in contact and alignment.
  4. Straightness Aids: Some curved shafts incorporate visual aids to assist with alignment and setup. These aids may include alignment lines or marks on the shaft or head, helping golfers position the putter correctly and align the target line more effectively.
  5. Personal Preference: The choice to use a curved shaft putter is based on personal preference and individual putting style. While some golfers find benefit and improved performance with a curved shaft, others may prefer a straight shaft or a different putter design altogether.

It's important to note that the use of curved shaft putters is not as common as straight shaft putters in the golfing community. Golfers should experiment with different putter designs, including curved shaft options, to determine the style that best suits their putting stroke and provides the desired feel and performance on the greens.

As with any golf equipment, it is recommended to try out different options and seek guidance from a professional club fitter or golf instructor who can assess your putting stroke and help you select the right putter for your game.

Curved Shaft: A putter whose shaft bends no more than 5 inches from the shaft tip. This design creates offset on a putter with no hosel.