Cross Bunker(s), Golf Term

Cross bunkers are a golf term used to describe a series of bunkers that are positioned diagonally across the fairway. They are strategically placed to create an obstacle that golfers must navigate when playing a hole.

Here are a few key points about cross bunkers in golf:

  1. Placement: Cross bunkers are typically positioned in a diagonal or perpendicular fashion across the fairway, creating a barrier that golfers must negotiate to reach the green. They are often placed at a strategic distance from the tee box to challenge golfers on their tee shots.
  2. Purpose: Cross bunkers serve multiple purposes in golf course design. They add visual appeal to the hole and provide an element of strategic thinking. Golfers must decide how to approach and play their shots to avoid or overcome the bunkers, which adds complexity and interest to the hole.
  3. Strategic Decision-Making: When faced with cross bunkers, golfers have to make strategic decisions based on their skill level, the distance to the bunkers, and their desired landing area. Some golfers may choose to play short of the bunkers to avoid the risk of getting caught in them, while others may attempt to carry the bunkers with their shots.
  4. Penalty and Risk-Reward: Cross bunkers are often positioned to penalize errant shots, adding an element of risk to the hole. Golfers who fail to clear the bunkers may face challenging recovery shots or incur a penalty stroke. Successfully navigating the bunkers can lead to a better position on the fairway or a shorter approach to the green, offering a risk-reward scenario for players.
  5. Strategic Design Elements: Golf course architects strategically design cross bunkers to influence the strategy and difficulty of a hole. The bunkers may be positioned to challenge players who opt for a more aggressive line off the tee or to force golfers to choose between different lines of play.

Cross bunkers require golfers to carefully consider their shot selection, accuracy, and risk tolerance. They add strategic and visual interest to the golf course, testing players' skills and decision-making abilities. Golfers must evaluate the position and impact of cross bunkers when planning their shots and aim to navigate them successfully to achieve the best possible outcome on the hole.

A bunker or series of bunkers intersecting or crossing all or part of a fairway. Cross bunkers are often placed diagonally across a hole, forcing the golfer to carry them or lay up short.